Work with a single strong partner and break the barriers of borders efficiently and increase productivity with expertise across multiple channels of Contemporary communication.


With a consolidated & redundant infrastructure, HonxTele is a completely converged network with little to no influence on our customers' business communications.


Security is currently one of the most crucial factors to include. To avoid any network or data breaches, we makes sure security protocols and troubleshooting techniques are current.

Dedicated Support

Work with a team having a strong portfolio and experience working across industries results in an in-depth understanding of ever growing complex communication platforms.

Still looking for strategies to enhance your communication needs?

Talk to an Expert

HonxTele has got you covered for all your communication needs, whether you're an individual, a small or medium-sized business, or a large enterprise. We can also help you simplify your wholesale carrier network needs.

Speak with a HonxTele expert about our products to attain new channels to all of your VoIP and data requirements.

Reasons to Grow with us

Carrier for a reason

Use versatile and highly configurable tools to manage your business how you see fit in order to stand out from the competitors.


We provide modular capabilities – such as call termination, numbering and messaging to edge customers & telecom RSPs.

Network Control

We have our own high-performance IP voice network, which allows our clients to serve people all over the world.

Friendly Customer Service

Our customers love us. Why? Exceptional customer service, great reaction times and a team that's always happy to help.


We serve as the trusted backbone for over 120 customers, collaborating with service providers at all levels.


We do regular risk assessments & detailed monitoring for network systems with  modern analytics tools and AI.

Geared For Success

We are excited to announce that we can now integrate Microsoft Teams to our SIP platform to bring you our brand new product, Teams Connect! Perfect for any business that is deeply embedded in using Microsoft Teams, Teams Connect allows for both internal and external communication to provide a streamlined phone solution.

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